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If you require proof that these programs will pay, I would suggest you view my Checks at http://wuthings.com/income/check.html
And if you want money for nothing, then I suggest you first join the following:
  • PaidTo.dk Downline Builder includes:
  • My-SuccessCenter includes:
  • FreeInternetIncome includes:

    ... as these programs will introduce you to several FREE Internet Income generating programs.

  • FREE to Join Programs
    Free Referrals!!!!PLUS GET PAID, too!!!
  • 100% Free NO Gold Membership to purchase
  • Free email account (10 MB)
  • Free Banner exchange
  • 5x MATRIX your upline helps you build your downline
  • Free personalized website
  • International Members Welcome!
  • Incredible 80% pay out rate!
  • Pays its members for using the site, Running an Ad Bar (no download), Banner Sales, Shopping, using the Chat Room and MORE!!!


  • Free InternetIncome.com
    If you want to position yourself NOW to capitalize on the inevitable and continuous growth of the Internet, and you want to have a booming legitimate business that will continue to pay you for years to come, and if you want to have that income continually grow along with the world-wide growth of the Internet, then you need to join.


    AllAdvantage.com - **CLOSED** Get Paid to Surf!
    AllAdvantage's Infomediary Man™ (I-Man) creates a meaningful exchange of information and value between consumers and advertisers. As a member of AllAdvantage, you get:
  • Rewards for surfing the Web with your Viewbar™ software
  • More rewards when your referrals surf the Web with their Viewbar
  • Easy access to the information you want on the Web
  • Special member-only deals and offers


  • InBoxCash
    Aiming to become one of the leaders in the global e-mail advertising market, which is why they pay one of the best referral bonuses on the Net. If you join and refer your friends you could be receiving a $10 bonus for each and every one.


    You can claim a check when your Inbox Cash Account reaches $50 or more at which time a "Claim" button will appear next to your Total Inbox Cash Balance. Will will then process your check at the end of the month and send it to you within 30 days.


    zWallet Get Paid To Email
    Here at zWallet.com we provide you with free full-featured email service, which is accessible from any computer connected to the World Wide Web. However, unlike any other email service provider zWallet.com shares a part of its advertising revenue with its members. Yes, that's right, it's FREE to Join, it's FREE to use, and you will Get Paid for what you already have been doing -- emailing your friends, reading news by email, or whatever you use email for. zWallet.com will pay you with our Email Rewards Program.


    MintMail Earn a dime every time you receive email!

    Almost everyone would love to get paid email! And with our automated system, we make it super easy for you to refer others to MintMail and then get paid on the emails that THEY receive, too! In fact, we go one step further yet; we ALSO pay you for every email that is received by the people referred by YOUR referrals!
    This can add up to hundreds of dollars in commissions for you every month.

    You can begin referring people to your Referral Link and start earning money immediately!
    Sign up FREE at: http://www.MintMail.com/?m=54723


    Member commissions shall be paid by company check and sent out quarterly (March 10, June 10, Sept 10 , Dec 10) unless your total commission is less than $20, in which case it will be held until the next pay period. Commission checks are automatically sent MONTHLY if your account balance is $50 or more. A $2 handling fee will be deducted for commission checks that are less than $100.



    Members may earn by receiving paid-emails and visiting or signing up the advertiser websites after they have entered their member ID in the area on the website provided by DollarsLove. Members will earn $30 as a signup bonus, after confirming their registration. Members may earn by referring new members to the DollarsLove program. Members will earn 5% of their direct referrals earnings, 4% of their indirect referrals earnings, 3% of their 3rd referral level earnings, 2% of their 4th referral level earnings, 1% of their 5th referral level earnings. There is a $3 processing fee for checks, no fee for PayPal or E-gold. Payments will be made within 15 days or a reasonable time after requesting the payment. You may request payment once your account balance reaches $200.

    You can begin referring people to your Referral Link and start earning money immediately!
    Sign up FREE at: http://www.DollarsLove.com/cgi-bin/page.cgi?r=chris@wuthings.com



    Members may earn by receiving paid-emails and visiting or signing up the advertiser websites after they have entered their member ID in the area on the website provided by CashRead. Members will earn $50 as a signup bonus, after confirming their registration. Members may earn by referring new members to the CashRead program. Members will earn $10 per each of their direct referrals, $5 per each of their indirect referrals, $4 per each of their 3rd level referrals, $3 per each of their 4th level referrals, $2 per each of their 5th level referrals, $1 of their 6th level referrals. The referral payment will be assessed when the referrals reach the minimum payment requested and cash out. Members will be paid via PayPal or check. CashRead will pay members when their balance reaches $500.00 and they request payment. There is a $3 processing fee for checks, no fee for PayPal. Payments will be made within 30 days or a reasonable time after requesting the payment.

    (Same as DollarsLove) You can begin referring people to your Referral Link and start earning money immediately!
    Sign up FREE at: http://www.CashRead.com/cgi-bin/page.cgi?r=chris@wuthings.com

    RadioFreeCash It Pays to Listen!
    RadioFreeCash pays you to listen to your favorite music on our Internet radio site while you do whatever else you like — surf the net, work, send email, write term papers …whatever! We can afford to do this because we split the advertising dollars we receive from our audio advertising clients worldwide with you! AND...not only do you get paid while you listen to music on RadioFreeCash.com, you also get paid when your friends listen and your friends’ friends and so on through 4 levels of referrals.


    CooleBiz Get FREE Merchant Webpages!
    CooleBiz has a unique mission – to be the one-stop cool shop on the Web where marketers like yourself can find the easiest, fastest, and coolest e-business solutions! And, oh yeah... we wouldn't forget one very cool world-class opportunity! Find out how you can ride the CooleBiz Wave!


    Commission Junction
    Join LinkJump.com and have your website built with over 1000 merchants!

    A worldwide leader in affiliate marketing, has transformed sophisticated affiliate marketing software into an affordable and easy-to-use Web-based service that is delivering real results for our clients.

    At Commission Junction, merchants and affiliates large and small work together to build successful e-commerce on the Web. Our scalable e-commerce infrastructure enables content sites to easily place "pay-for-performance" products, ads and links from thousands of online merchants directly in and around their content. Online merchants extend their reach, build their brand, drive sales and lower customer acquisition costs - all on a pay-for-performance basis. Content sites turn their traffic into income and their web sites into powerful revenue generators.

    Commission Junction offers both parties a turn-key solution to managing revenue-sharing relationships by providing a comprehensive suite of affiliate marketing, management, recruitment and administrative services delivered on-demand over the Internet.

    Commission Junction is easy to join, easy to use, and pays for itself. Remove the barriers to the unlimited revenue potential of Web.

    Have a website? Learn how to make money with LinkShare (400 Affiliated Programs)

    LinkShare is the most convenient, straightforward, and reliable affiliate program for affiliates. LinkShare hosts The LinkShare Network, where affiliates can use one username and password to quickly and easily find programs they want to join from among the 400 merchants who have affiliate programs through LinkShare. LinkShare is a trusted third party offering the most accurate tracking in the industry.

    Join The UtopiAd Affiliate Program and generate unlimited income for your web site in the form of percentage commissions. By linking to UtopiAd, you earn money for the referrals you send from your web site. As your referrals join and earn cash by using UtopiAd products and services, you get a percentage of their earnings.

    Join now and take advantage of a limited time offer where UtopiAd will give you $100 worth of advertising on their advertising network just for joining the Affiliate program Additionally, they'll give you $50 worth of advertising for each qualified Affiliate you refer.
    What are the benefits of The UtopiAD Affiliate Program?

  • Unlimited earnings
  • Access to real-time reports on earnings and referrals
  • Gives your visitors a way to earn cash online
  • Reduced rates on advertising on UtopiAd by exchanging your earnings for advertisements.


  • My SuccessCenter "The Last Website You'll Ever Need To Promote" and it's 100% FREE!!
    Join Us For Worldwide Launch Now!! FREE Matrix Downline Builder and Promotional Tools All Under One Roof
    This program makes a lot of sense since you will only have to promote one site. You will also SAVE time which is MONEY! Surf to the future!!

    You will learn how to earn money with NO out of pocket expense, NO obligation,  NO Risk!
    We provide you with the opportunities, the tools and training to make money. 
    In some cases, for doing nothing more than what you are already doing and not getting paid!


    A FEE to Join Programs
    Going Platinum Ground Floor - Launched Oct 2000
    The Going Platinum Community is an opportunity to own the Internet, or at least your own piece of it. It is a full service ISP, Internet Gateway, Search Engine/Directory, Shopping Mall, Virtual Office, and just about anything else you can think of, all rolled into one easy-to-use site.

    Besides your own email account, mailroom, marketing center and Internet tools that you never dreamed existed; you'll have access to anything and everything that the Internet has to offer. From chat rooms, news groups and clubs to Chinese cooking and Western European architecture. From Wall Street to Hollywood and Baseball to Cricket, it's all yours, and we mean that literally. You'll own it and the revenue that is generated from every feature will be paid to you!

    "Ownership" in the Going Platinum Community is like owning a television network, newspaper, magazine, shopping mall, sports arena, real estate or travel agency and about 100 different billboards all at the same time. It is an income generating opportunity in so many ways.

    http://www.goingplatinum.com/member/wuthing/ div align=right>top ^
    Caruba International Partner #: 37249-08047
    Caruba International is apartnership-based educaitonal organization that assists individuals and enterprises by providing the training and education necessary to help them better manage their assets and financial growth. In addition to the education, Caruba provides a vehicle for its partners to apply what they have learned by partnering with them in capital ventures.

    Caruba is not a bank, financial institution or a brokerage firm, Caruba does not advise or recommend; it provides information, educates and identifies opportunities to share with it's partners. It's objective is to help each partner to achieve his or her financial goal by providing the education, tools and opportunity.


    Just look at what Click-n-Promote offers:
    **Advanced Ad Tracking System
    **Mailing List Manager
    **Autoresponder/Followup System
    **Subscription Form Generator
    **Contact & Communication Manager
    **International Safe Marketing Lists
    **Professionally Designed Banner Ads
    **Classified Ads that Get Results
    **Tell-A-Friend Marketing System
    **Click-n-Train Library
    SixFigureIncome Network Marketing on Auto-Pilot!
    OVER 400,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world have become SFI affiliates. Why? Great benefits! As an SFI Affiliate, you receive a FREE fully-integrated and customized SFI Affiliate Website.
    We then teach you:
  • How to build a profitable business completely on the Internet from the comfort of your own home office
  • How to use SFI's powerful, proven system to create an income stream that can gradually replace your current job or career.
  • How to earn income globally, 24 hours a day --both "front-end cash" AND ongoing, "back-end" Renewal Income ("do it once, get paid forever" residual-style income)

    By simply referring people to your site, you can create an extra income stream of hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month when your referrals purchase any of over 400 SFI products in our exclusive catalog.

    It's FUN and EASY!
    Many of our Affiliates do nothing more than print their SFI Web address on their business cards, stationery, etc. We take it from there! We maintain your Website for you, take the orders, handle all product shipment, and provide all customer service, too. You can even check your commissions 24 hours a day online. Everything is provided at no cost to you.You just have to cash the commission checks!


  • Gold-Club Network Marketing ArmChair Club
    Gold Club is a club protecting your interests. If you ever dreamed about getting rich without any mentionable effort this is the place for you. We will carefully select reliable, income generating opportunities for our members to join. By doing this, all our members can benefit from Network marketing in a more safe way, without having to lift a single finger. And best of all, we do this all for free! If you think that this sounds too good to be true you can just ask one of our members and they will certainly convince you that this is a fact...You don't pay ANYTHING until you have your income guaranteed!

    So, how can Gold Club give YOU money?
    Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a fantastic way of making money, but at the same time it's a fact that people HATE TO SELL and HATE TO PROSPECT! This is the biggest problem with this method.

    Therefore Gold Club has removed this from the process so that now everyone can make money without selling or prospecting! All you have to do is to join us and we take care of the rest!

    So, why don't you join Gold Club today by simply filling in your name and email address?! It cannot be simpler than that! We will then put you in a member pool to guarantee you your future investors, which in short means that eventually you WILL get paid!

    BizLand A Resource of Buyers and Sellers
    Cyberwave 2000 Online Marketing Secrets !!!

    Spark a stampede of traffic to your web site.
    Discover the secretsnowball effect of viral marketing, per-transaction advertising, and affiliateprograms to funnel thousands of pre-qualified prospects to your Web site.

    Develop products people are anxious to buy.
    Do you use a "lead product" in your marketing? When you learn this simple trick, you'll jump-start your sales and get customers to fund up to 100% of your advertising costs. (This technique works regardless of your industry!)

    Create killer sales letters and Web sites that sell like crazy.
    How to write online ad copy that practically forces customers to give you their money. Use our proprietary copywriting formula and master the art of converting prospects into sales!

    Discover high volume traffic generators that really work.
    You'll learn how to really use banners, click-through services, search engines, e-mail marketing, and more to create a "greased chute" that propels targeted, responsive prospects through your order process so they buy now.

    li>How to implement a dirt-cheap, high-profit opt-in e-mail program.
    Using opt-in e-mail is the most powerful thing you can do for your online business, and yet, most entrepreneurs have no idea where to begin. Discover how to set up your list, create content, track readership, capture opt-in names, create a multi-step follow up process, and best of all, use e-mail as a secret weapon you draw from your holster whenever your business needs a cash injection!

    People from all over the world sign up like crazy!
    You can now benefit from the most efficient marketing tool and affiliate program ever released on the Internet! By combining and totally automating four of the most powerful marketing tools available on the web today, your FREE SmallBizFFA website will place your classified ad on 111,111 websites like this, and in 5,555,550 emails each and every day - without SPAMMING!

    How your FREE SmallBizFFA website promotes your ad, day and night:
    The FREE SmallBizFFA website combines and totally automates four of the most powerful - and proven to work - marketing tools available on the web today. The result is an extremely effective and self driven marketing machine - able to make you cash 24 hours a day, year after year!


    SpeedMail Speed Mail™ Professional 3.0. Designed to assist with the building, maintaining, mailing, and tracking of your customer/prospect mailing lists!

    Submit Mart
    "Ultimate" Website Traffic Builder & Internet Business Kit Works With Any "Web Browser" Or " Computer "

    "Start And Promote Your Own Internet Business Fast"

    The Largest Website Promotion And Traffic Builder Resource On The Internet Today ! " Guaranteed "
    Promote Your MLM or Affiliate Program Fast "Everthing Is Here, In One Total Package" "And We Mean Everything"

    "You Will Have Full Instant Online Access" Full Version Web Promotion Software, Programs, Submission Software, Website Promotion Databases & Reports.

    Plus "FREE Weekly" Software Upgrades" For Life.


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